United 351 First Class San Francisco – Seattle

United 351
San Francisco (SFO) – Seattle (SEA)
Boeing 757-200
19 February 2014

With three minutes to spare, I made it onto the final flight bound for Seattle. It was another Boeing 757, so boarding was done through door 2L, upon which I turned left into the First Class cabin and took my seat, 3A. The tight connection made it that I didn’t have time to use the bathroom, so I decided to use the lavatory on the plane. I headed towards the front of the plane and the cockpit door was wide open, both the pilot and co-pilot were already in there preparing the aircraft. The pilot was a young woman, when I glanced into the cockpit, she had both of her legs spread wide open and her feet were up on the controls/dashboard of the cockpit and she was texting. Wow.

I returned to my seat and found my pre-departure sprite waiting for me. The cabin was rather empty and there weren’t many people on the plane.

United 503 First Class Boston – San Francisco

United 503
Boston (BOS) - San Francisco (SFO)
Boeing 757-200
19 February 2014

Boarding was once again done though door 2L, upon which I turned left into the First Class cabin and expected to see the same crew; that was not the case. Rather than a “what are you doing here, again?” question, I was welcomed by a very friendly purser who immediately offered me a pre-departure drink.

I was the first one on the plane, so I had the opportunity to snap this shot of the First Class cabin:

Departure gate C19 from Boston:

Lufthansa introduces Premium Economy

Lufthansa has introduced a new Premium Economy class, it will be fully installed on all Lufthansa long haul planes by Summer 2015 (let’s see if that happens…).

The new Premium Economy class will be the fourth class of service on Lufthansa’s planes – in addition to First, Business and Economy Class. Each seat has 50% more space than Economy Class as well as includes many other amenities like personal arm rests, extra baggage and an amenity kit. It has been stated that a Premium Economy ticket will cost approximately $800 USD more than a regular Economy ticket.

Services which will be included with every Premium Economy ticket compose of:

  • Double free baggage allowance: two bags per person, each weighing up to 23 kg
  • A welcome drink, a water bottle at every seat and a high-quality amenity kit with many useful accessories providing additional refreshment
  • The high quality meals are presented in menus and are served on china tableware
  • An 11- or 12-inch touch screen monitor, a handset to control the in-flight entertainment and a generous range of magazines provide for even more entertainment
  • More storage space for personal belongings
  • Central console between the seats with sturdy table and power outlet at every seat – well suited for work on board
  • All seats in Premium Economy Class are not more than one seat away from the aisle
  • Access to Lufthansa Business Lounges available (for a fee of EUR 25)

To read more about Lufthansa’s new Premium Economy, click here.





United Club Boston

I had about an hour and a half layover in Boston so I decided to go to the United Club in Terminal C, near my gate.

As in Seattle, the agent told me I am inadmissible based on my itinerary, upon which I presented her my Star Alliance Gold card and she replied “Welcome to the Club”.

The lounge had United’s old and tired feeling, I could tell it wasn’t recently opened mainly because of the furniture.

United 768 First Class San Francisco–Boston

United 768
San Francisco (SFO) – Boston (BOS)
Boeing 757-200
19 February 2014

Since the flight from Seattle arrived 30 minutes late, I only had 30 minutes to make my connection. Of course there had to be an adventure getting to the gate. We arrived at the last gate of the international terminal, and the flight to Boston was departing from gate 62 in Terminal 3. I ran, and ran, and ran, and finally made it; once I arrived at the gate, group 5 was almost finished boarding.

Boarding was done through door 2L, I turned left into the First Class cabin and found my seat, 2A.

The legroom was sufficient:





Jetway being pushed back:

United 1679 First Class Seattle-San Francisco

United 1679
Seattle (SEA) – San Francisco (SFO)
Boeing 737-900
19 February 2014

The flight was literally finished boarding 10 minutes after the scheduled boarding time and we still had a 30 minute delay because of cargo that arrived late. All United Boeing 737′s feature DirectTV so you are able to watch live TV throughout the flight, though in my opinion it is a complete rip-off and I would never “Swipe my card now!” as they advertise it. Instead, I had the airshow on during the flight.

First Class cabin:

Sufficient legroom!





United Club Seattle

This mileage run started off similar to the first one this year. I woke up around 03:30 in the morning and my dad was nice enough to take me to the airport, we arrived around 04:10.

Seattle’s Airport is fairly new and has a very nice design, both internally and externally.

Once inside, I proceeded to the Premier Access check-in lane. I had already checked in online and had the boarding passes on my iPhone, however I always like to have a paper copy just in case.

There are several Premier Access lanes for United’s check-in:

  • Global Services/GlobalFirst
  • Premier 1K/BusinessFirst
  • Premier Platinum
  • Premier Gold/Silver, First, Business, Star Alliance Gold/Silver, MP Club Card

Interestingly enough, there were queues at each line, not something you’d expect at 4 in the morning! I headed to the First/Star Alliance Gold lane which had a couple travelling in front of me and turns out they didn’t know how to use the kiosk. I offered my help and they were grateful in the end.

Another mileage run, coming right up!

My first mileage run of the year was a complete success and so I thought I’d plan another one. I found another awesome United G fare for around the same price as the other mileage run (roughly $200 USD), however the only difference is that this mileage run will net me more miles! Destination – Boston. In fact, all 4 of my upgrades have already cleared, almost two weeks in advance!

The routing is as follows (SEA-SFO-BOS-SFO-SEA):